11 Cloud Object Storage to Store Public China Phone Number

Massive data storage in a traditional environment is expensive. Let’s explore the cost-effective unstructured data storage solution we have on the market.

Thanks to cloud storage, which makes it easy and reduces cost without compromising quality and security.

Object storage can be used to store any object like photos, video, audio, pdf, documents, static files etc. This can also be used for hosting a static website or backup purpose.

An advantage of cloud storage is that you can upload and download the data from anywhere on the Internet and also give you the option to restrict it. So you have both options to choose from according to your needs. Another worth mentioning you pay for what you use .

If you’re looking for S3-compatible self-hosted storage, you should give MinIO a try .


Let’s take a look at some of the best cloud storage services

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By the way, in this article, I am going to cover object storage solutions for applications. For personal and business use, you should check out Dropbox, Google Workspace , or other cloud storage solutions .

If you’re already working in the cloud, then this is pretty easy to guess. One of the famous and pioneers in providing object storage.

Don’t worry about storage limitations; you can upload any amount of data.

AWS S3 provides 99.999999999% durability and gives you the option to upload/download data using a browser, API.

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Three types of storage classes are offered


Standard – a low-latency, general-purpose China Phone Number storage type, perfect for content delivery, big data analytics, etc.

Standard AI (Infrequent Access): You can opt for AI if the content is not accessed frequently. IA costs less than standard and is suitable for keeping long-term data, which cannot be accessed on a daily basis.

Glacier – lower cost than AI and suitable for data archiving.

AWS provides lifecycle management to transition objects from one storage class to another. S3 is regionally based which means you can keep your data close to your customer, visitor for faster content delivery and uploads.

And if you’re considering DR, then you’re covered. Supports cross-region replication, which can be used as a backup. Don’t forget to review security best practices if you decide to opt for AWS S3.

StackPath is fully integrated object storage with no hidden tricks. Instead, it is available at a lower cost and offers higher performance.

In fact, its performance is better compared to other cloud storage alternatives. And once you pair it with StackPath Edge Computing or CDN, performance is further enhanced. The reason for its robust performance is its system architecture, which enables approximately 6 times faster and longer lasting performance.

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