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Cultivating loyal customers can boost your bottom Philippines Photo Editor line without spending more on acquisitions. Indeed, according to Bain & Co., increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase profits by as much as 95%! The question is, how do you keep existing customers happy to keep them loyal, turning one-time customers into repeat customers? In this article, we’ll outline five of the most effective retention methods for your ecommerce business this year. 1.  They also never forget a bad guy. Having a great customer experience at every stage of the funnel is non-negotiable. In fact, according to Defaqto Research, 55% of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience. There are some obvious things you can do to provide a great.


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– on all orders. Not just over a certain quantity! Philippines Photo Editor Free returns – convert more customers by offering a risk-free way to buy click to pick up – if you have a physical location, give people the option to pick up their purchases in-store take your customer experience a step further by adding personalization. Make your customers feel special, not like a cog in your sales gear. Philippines Photo Editor Browse through your weekly order list and select a customer who is active on twitter . Better yet, use a tool like mention or hootsuite to find customers who are actively talking about you. Then, interact with them and participate in the conversation. Give them a reason to connect with the brand. Ecommerce retention sainsburys tweet example write a personalized letter to your client . This is real, especially in a world where everything.


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Seems to be automated It’s an effective way to show Philippines Photo Editor appreciation and make a great first impression on new clients. Better yet, give them free swag . Do this regularly for random clients. They are packaged and sent separately in their original order, so it’s an appreciation in itself. Some brands are starting to see customers as stakeholders . If something goes wrong, email your customer explaining what happened. Avoid automation and explain to them what happened, how to fix it, and how it will Philippines Photo Editor be remedied. Finally, the packaging of packaged products can make a huge difference. In many cases, the unboxing experience can go viral. People love to take pictures of new purchases and share them with friends. There’s even an entire youtube channel dedicated to them: a unique and enjoyable unboxing experience provides you with a great

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