6 Challenges on the Path of Digital Transformation

The very use of the word “transformation” indicates that a lot of work. Is expected from companies willing to start such a program.

As in any great (and lucrative) project, we can expect challenges. At all stages of this process, but mainly to start it.

These are some of the main obstacles that prevent companies from implementing digital transformation:

lack of initiative

The lack of initiative is the first problem that companies face in addressing digital transformation.

A recent study released by McKinsey & Company revealed that industries, overall, are less than 40% digitized, despite relatively extensive use of technology.

This makes it clear that it takes more than isolated actions to cause real change in the company, and that requires initiatives from leaders.

technical difficulties


The lack of qualified personnel is another problem that many companies still face in their search to implement deep transformation programs.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to VP IT Email List look for the best professionals and invest in constant training and qualification for those who work in the company.

Otherwise, it will be impossible to see progress, since the solutions will be planned and executed without the necessary efficiency.

Reputation and security

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Another serious problem is the fear that many executives and managers have regarding the reputation of their companies, and the possible security gap with the adoption of more robust digital strategies.

The risk of tarnishing the reputation of well-known companies -even centuries-old- is a factor that weighs heavily against digital transformation.

This is especially the case for large corporations that deal with sensitive information. Such as insurance data, financial information, medical records, etc.

A simple smartphone that falls into the wrong hands could put companies on. The ground, and that is something that no ceo is going to consider.

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