6 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Times of Crisis

Discover the most efficient Digital Marketing strategies to generate visibility and conversion through customer acquisition and retention and maintain the growth of your business in the short, medium and long term.

1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing helps your company stand out through digital materials that add value to people’s daily lives, informing, teaching and solving problems.

Producing relevant content, with appropriate language, clarity and objectivity, makes this strategy an excellent relationship channel to create a positive perception of your brand, making it possible to attract and retain your customers.

The creation of a corporate blog , combined with good optimization practices for search engines, is the most effective way to achieve these results.

At Rock Content, we recently saw the Chief VP Operations Email Lists power of Digital Marketing in times of crisis. Given our SEO training and the number of pages ranking on Google, our traffic increased considerably.

To give you an idea of ​​the effectiveness of the strategy, during the last week of March 2020, we had an increase of 41.4% compared to what had been the best week in the history of our blog.

That means that our positioning in Google allowed us to be prepared to help the blog’s audience with quality content, which corresponded to what they are looking for in this time of crisis.

Although we consider the current circumstance, we know that the users who visited our page found valuable information and, for this reason, there is a great possibility that they will return in the future to generate relationships and business.

2. Email marketing

Chief VP Operations Email Lists

Email marketing is currently the most powerful and cheapest way to build and develop a relationship between the public and your company , after all, it allows you to directly contact the people interested in your solution, in addition to the clients you already have in your business. base.

Therefore, you can work on it at any stage of the funnel and get results without much complexity, just send the right content, such as blog content, rich materials, informative articles, promotions, discounts, etc., at the ideal time.

To start an email marketing strategy, you need:

  • a domain,
  • an email automation tool;
  • and a person to implement the strategy.

But keep in mind that, regardless of that, your investment will not be high.

It is not for nothing that email marketing is the Digital Marketing channel with the best return on investment , that is, you do not need to invest too much to generate a large volume of income.

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