What is a meta description?

Exactly what is a meta description? If you are creating a website from scratch and you do it with a standard website builder. You should have a space available to put a meta description on each page of your website. If you pay attention to the best practices for working with search engine optimization (seo). You have heard about meta descriptions before.

But if this term does not ring a bell to you. You are not in a position to talk about what it consists of or how to use them properly.

Learning to write meta descriptions can help you not only to climb positions with your website. But also to have more clicks and more visits after having seen your page in the search engines. Through the serps.

We’ll start with the basics. Then explain how to effectively write a meta description for each specific page.

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*article with updated content in 2022

What is a meta description?

A meta description -meta description in Honduras cell phone numbers english- is a tag within the html code of your website that allows you to customize the specific section of text that describes the page where you are writing it.

This meta tag is detected by search engine spiders like google. Displaying it on search results pages.

In website builder you will see a box labeled “meta description”. Where you can add text to display on a page. In the backend of your html code. You will see something like this:

spider engines like google “understand” that backend meta tags are meant to describe the nature of the content on your pages. It is not true that the meta description directly affects your ranking. But it can indirectly.

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For example. A spider could use a meta description to learn more about a particular page and ensure that it appears in relevant searches related to that content.

As you learn more about meta descriptions. You will realize that they are also frequently used as part of a page’s entries in serps.

Do any google search and you will see a list of web pages. The title of the website will be highlighted in blue prominently. And below it. You will see the url of that page in green. Just below you will see a section of text; that is where the meta description of the page is included.

Since it’s one of the first things your potential customers see when they come across a link to your website. It’s a good opportunity to convince them to click through to your page.

If your meta description is effective and you manage to convince people. You will have a higher click-through rate (ctr). Which benefits you in terms of organic traffic and searches (the ctr is related to the positions in the rankings of search engines ).

What is the purpose of a meta description?

A meta description is an opportunity to tell both search engines and users what your web page is about. That is. It is a short description of the page that helps to know more about the content found on it.

For search engines it serves as a context to understand the relevance of your website. While for users it is an opportunity to know what you offer on your page.

For you. It is an option to climb positions in the most relevant searches and convince more users to visit you. Instead of a competitor stealing customers from you in the serps. And it is that an attractive meta description is a perfect opportunity to attract a greater number of users to your web page.

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