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While the first one is oriente towards large projects and an amount is requeste to be achieve with a predetermine deadline in advance, on Patreon small periodic amounts of money are requeste so that creators and artists can subsist. On Patreon, anyone can contribute small amounts through funding. Thus, the artist can continue with his work. That is, he generates a kind of salary that his followers will pay them voluntarily. Registration on Patreon is divide into two categories: creators and patrons. The creators can be writers, illustrators, singers, cartoonists, podcasters.

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Youtubers or influencers from different platforms and you can sign up to earn money with your followers. While the creators, once they have requeste their registration on Patreon, they must choose whether their income will be monthly Uganda Phone Number List or per creation (book, comic, etc.). In addition, another requirement is to write a post explaining to potential patrons how their Patreon account will work and what they offer. 4.- Social Public Earn money with your followers: Socialpubli SocialPubli.com is a marketing platform that connects brands with influencers. Users can create very personalize campaigns to choose the influencers that best fit them.

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In this way, the advertiser makes himself known by filtering by age, sex or interests, and the influencers earn money by publishing on topics that are very focuse on their followers. SocialPubli is one of the most use websites in the segment. It is use BYB Directory for a wide range of social networks. For example, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, your own website, etc. 5.- Publisuites publisites Publisuites is a well-known agency with which it is possible to monetize both your website and your social networks and earn money with your followers. You just have to register and add all your websites and social accounts. It also allows you to offer your services as a freelance copywriter to earn extra money.

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