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Those catering places will disappear en masse from the cityscape anyway, predicts the intelligent and empathetic entrepreneur Won Yip. 4. The perfect is boring, embrace your imperfection The crisis also means that many people are suddenly unable to spend that much money. Millennials in particular (say: up to the age of 35) are now learning to Paraguay Phone Number deal with fewer financial and other securities than the generations before them – including the gray ‘boomers’. As a broad trend, less money and more time has been given a huge crank by corona.

Project A Diverse Team

So if you want something, you make it yourself: a new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culture. The appreciation for ‘the maker’ had grown strongly in recent years, but has now become a factor that you, as a communication strategist, can no longer ignore. Creator’s Paraguay Phone Number are fun. They show, by trial and error, how they achieve something. In terms of content, that’s fun for everyone because you watch how things come about. That was already a great success (see programs such as Heel Holland Bakt), but this is spreading further, to professional and business environments.


Content That Does Not Entertain

The content that responds to this presses several buttons at the same time. It has an informative layer (how-to, step-by-step plan), an empathetic layer (you can mirror yourself to the makers), and an activating layer (‘if she can Paraguay Phone Number perfect campers Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of old campers in the streets of the city where I live. Barrels of twenty or thirty years old, which are renovated with great dedication by young people in their thirties. Your own house on wheels. With retro curtains, a self-built kitchenette and a bed, solar panel on the roof, toilet on board. Did everything myself, so definitely not perfect, and that’s okay. The thriving Facebook group dedicated to these. RV home builders is positive, energetic, and full of tips, questions, and photos of projects in the making.

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