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Avoid space errors, especially when you offer a service that has to do with communication. Space errors are bad when you sell Christmas tree bauble brackets, but they are unforgivable when you make them as a marketing agency. Or ‘marketing agency’) (unless it’s a conscious choice for SEO, although you can discuss that further, ed.). Also read: 13 tips to Benin Phone Number make your Google Ads campaign convert even better Mistake Mixing uppercase and lowercase letters too much. Where did the trend to capitalize random letters and words suddenly Benin Phone Number come from? I run the risk of being shoved into the senior citizen’s corner like an old man (I’m 34), but I get a headache from too much alternation in capital and small letters.

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Yet I have also seen it in online advertisements. By the way, I’m not the only one questioning the weird use of upper and lower case letters. As in this Benin Phone Number screenshot I uppercase and lowercase letters in online advertisements, However, I want You Are Developing to make it clear that some form of creative use of capital and small letters is not a problem in professional communication. In the marketing world you have the title of the concept Benin Phone Number case and sentence case. (Unfortunately, as far as I know there are no Dutch words for it yet.) Sentences in title case and sentence case look like this: This is a sentence.


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This is a Title in Title Case. With sentence case you capitalize the first letter of the sentence (and of course also proper names), while with title case you capitalize most words of a sentence. Let me just say: Google Ads has no You Are Developing problem Benin Phone Number with title case. What Google Ads does have a problem with is excessive capitalization, non-standard use of numbers and characters Being creative is good, but don’t use numbers and characters creatively when writing texts for Google Ads. Google considers ads with unusual use of numbers and characters Benin Phone Number to be low in quality. And that will disqualify your ads.

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