All Belgian Customers Were Fine

On the other hand, you should not only use social media as a ‘link dump’, a subscriber to our Weekly rightly pointed out. Just linking to your platform is penalized by the algorithms (social media want users to spend as much time as possible on it). A mix of Belgium Phone Number links and content that you create especially for social media is probably recommended. Also read: From rented house to owner-occupied home: build your community on your own Belgium Phone Number channel But think about it, what’s more useful to you: 10,000 Facebook followers you can barely reach or 1,000 fanatical subscribers to your newsletter? Summarizing Cor’s advice and Axios’ trends, it boils down to this: take control yourself.

Customers Were Fine

And, as an addition: don’t bet on one horse… so don’t bet on Google either! What do you think, is it feasible Belgium Phone Number for any company to successfully build its own content platform? I’d love to read your opinion! Well, I write articles more often. But never before has an article from my hand Belgium Phone Number provoked so many reactions. How to choose your niche fri How to check Instagram stats for Reels, Stories & posts do From the comments of my readers, I actually learned 7 life lessons that can help Dutch people in Belgium (and Belgians in the Netherlands.


Dutch Who Came Wanted

Or what is called a student room in the Netherlands: Did you Belgium Phone Number know that “kot” is a real Belgian word? The French-speaking Belgians also use this for a student room, while that is really not a French word. Funny how this trickled down from Dutch to (Belgian) French. Marieke also has something to say about this subject. When I was looking for a Belgium Phone Number room in Flanders during my student days, I came across a note. In a cafe between the pinned notes with small advertisements. And in Flanders, too, the word ‘vomit’ simply means vomit.

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