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Furthermore, according to Vandroemme and Hospes, content platforms will be. Given a greater role and I think that is a positive development. I’m a little less skeptical, but I do recognize that companies can get a lot more out of content marketing. What is Venezuela Phone Number needed for that? A CMO or CEO who takes the content marketing profession seriously and ensures that the resources: professionals (story makers), budget and time are freed Venezuela Phone Number up to tackle the biggest issue and integrate it well into the organization, on the inside and outside. And I’m a huge fan of content partnerships, so I hope, like Vandroemme, that we will see a lot more of that in the near future. It only makes you more creative when you work together, reach a much larger and often new audience and you can share the costs so that you can do it much better.

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Very curious about your opinion about where we are now with content marketing. Which development will be the most important in your view in Venezuela Phone Number the coming months? Have you ever wondered what will happen to meal box services when the crisis is over? Maybe you work in the industry, you are looking at future possibilities or you are just curious about the effect of intelligent lockdown. In this article, I take a closer look at the long-term effects of the pandemic on meal box services. A meal box service is a food service business model based on subscriptions. The service sends its subscribers portioned (and sometimes pre-prepared) ingredients and recipes to help prepare the meals at home.


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Significant growth is expected in the industry: by 2025 the global market will be worth €7.83 billion. The services cost between €8 and €12 per meal (excluding delivery costs). What are the benefits of the services? When using the meal box services, the consumer no longer has to travel back and forth to the supermarket (which also saves costs). In addition, there is less food waste. After the pandemic, consumers will be more focused on their health and will want to avoid crowded places, such as the supermarket. Meal box services offer a solution here. We expect consumer behavior to change due to the corona crisis. This is because there is a strong sense of convenience among consumers, and this is fulfilled by contactless delivery.

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