And Finally, Let’s Bring Your Perspective Into the Picture

50% of people find the house they will buy online . If they’re online, you should be too.
Just over half of all shoppers do their research on YouTube. They obviously aren’t looking for articles on YouTube – they’re watching videos.
youtube video marketing


Ads that include video content see Belgium Phone Number an astonishing 403% increase in requests over their non-video counterparts.
Video marketing can lead to a 40% increase in revenue for a real estate professional.
Sellers choose video. Buyers choose video.

If you understand the move to video, which is pretty obvious from this data, you should also choose video.

Not convinced? Keep reading – we promise you will be by the time we reach the end.

Putting the Numbers in Perspective – How the Video Takes the Cake
Chances are you already know the impact video can have on your business.

What’s also likely is that you weren’t aware of the extent of the impact before seeing these numbers.

So what’s the reason the video has such a massive impact?

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The answer is a famous old saying:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

And guess what?

Video is worth a thousand times more.

A short 3 minute video that shows you around the property will give the client a much better picture (pun intended) of the property than words or even still images.

But there is more than that.

Here are some other benefits of video marketing for real estate:

People find it easier to watch a full video, rather than going through property photos and written details separately.
Video helps 90% of consumers make purchasing decisions, according to Forbes. This, of course, is not a one-step process in real estate, but it brings consumers one step closer.
In the time it takes to physically show a property to a client, many more people can get a first impression from a tour

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