And Sincere Honduras Phone Number

Bearded Brothers takes great pride in Honduras Phone Number having a consistent product from taste to packaging. When they gave control to a new company, both of these elements fell apart. Customer feedback about bars bought in stores reported that the packaging and taste were Honduras Phone Number different. Caleb and Chris thought perhaps the manufacturer needed time to adjust. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide the same quality and consistency. The packaging was noticeably different which turned off some Honduras Phone Number customers. The ingredients also differed from the Bearded Brothers receipt. Caleb and Chris found that they were using unauthorized almonds.

And Sincere Honduras Phone Number

Not seeing any improvement, they brought manufacturing back in house, but not before losing $250,000 in retail revenue. Luckily, they still had their equipment, Honduras Phone Number so they were back to normal in no time. Screenshot showing an instagram post They swiftly released a Honduras Phone Number press statement apologizing to their customers. They took full responsibility for the change Honduras Phone Number in the quality of their product and promised. That something like this would not happen again. They found that their core customer base appreciated the honesty and transparency. They did not lose a single person from their email list nor their retail accounts.

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Screenshot showing an apology letter Key Takeaway: Be transparent! Own your failures, because they will happen. Get ahead of the story by issuing a sincere apology Honduras Phone Number and sincere promise to do better. The best way to nail a corporate apology is to be quick, honest and sincere. WHAT’S NEXT FOR BEARDED BROTHERS? Caleb tells me selling through retail stores is volatile. You Honduras Phone Number can be pulled off the account at any point. While they appreciate their retail partners, Caleb and Chris are focused on growing their email list. Caleb is looking to fine-tune their content marketing strategy, too.

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