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PeerTube is a decentralized alternative to Austria Phone Number YouTube. It is not one platform, but a network of servers. So if you have some technical knowledge, you can also host videos with a server. Accept cookies You can find more ethical alternatives to social media via this page on Austria Phone Number Ethical . The challenges This is just a small glimpse into what is being built or already exists. I admire all the initiatives, but I also see significant challenges. It strikes me, for example, that alternative social media are Austria Phone Number often inaccessible and unattractive. During my research I came across this article about the importance of design for alternative technology .

And That Austria Phone Number

Design and ease of use are the keys to Austria Phone Number success. If I first have to look for a manual to understand how Pixelfed works, I quickly give up. Let alone that I can convince my friends to switch to such a platform as well. If I had to say one thing to developers, it would be that they Austria Phone Number should be a little nice to designers and non-technical users. – Wouter Moraal And that, Austria Phone Number of course, is the other big challenge: how do you get people to switch to other networks? I recently heard the story of someone who started sharing the photos of her newborn baby only on Signal and convinced part of her family to switch from WhatsApp.


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As long as all your friends and family still use Facebook and WhatsApp, how do you break free from that? Van Dijck, Jacobs and Stikker use Public Spaces to try to ensure that at least public institutions set a good example. Will citizens then follow them? I’m curious how you see these developments. And do you know any other great examples of open internet and social media? Let us know in the comments below. It’s that time again: a new social media platform is attracting the attention of the media. And if you ask me, just at the right time. Now that we can make trips again and we also do this en masse because of the rising temperature.

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