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The next ones we found are Brazil Phone Number Pinterest (17.1%), Snapchat (15.9%) and LinkIn (10.4%). Which fell by 5.5% and became the application with the highest record decline. The top 10 is clos by Brazil Phone Number Twitch with 9.9% and a variation of 19.3% and Discord , which is in tenth place with 8.2%. Ranking with the 21 applications with the highest market share Brazil Phone Number After that ten applications, the study includes another eleven.

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These, however, have not been so lucky Brazil Phone Number and have obtain more red numbers in terms of variation from one year to the next. The ones with the highest negative percentage have been Lovoo , with Brazil Phone Number a 20% drop , Badoo with 18.9% and Peoople with 17.1%. This is not the case of Tinder (5.6%), YouTube Vanc (2.2%) or YouTube Kids (1.95), which have remain in line. Google’s dominant position in the area of ​​online Brazil Phone Number advertising (where the Mountain View company shares the throne practically alone with Facebook) has result in a fine of 220 million euros for the internet giant in France.

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The neighboring country has decid to Brazil Phone Number sanction the internet giant for abusing. Its dominant position in the ad server market for website publishers and mobile apps . The fine , which has been accept by the company  by Sundar Pichai. Takes root in a complaint filed in Brazil Phone Number 2019 by News Corp. By the editor of the newspaper Le Figaro and by the group of Belgian origin Rossel La Voix. Google has not thrown balls out and has accept the facts rais by the French antitrust authority. In addition, it has Brazil Phone Number promis to implement a series of changes. The operation of its advertising service for publishers DFP and its AdX sales platform.

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