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Advertisements then work better. Apps with rich content or unique functionalities, on the other hand, work better with these strategies. The most important tip is to think carefully about your revenue model beforehand. This way you can ensure Nepal Phone Number that it is a logical part of your app. What does the ongoing corona crisis mean for the way we connect with our audience, our customers, and our colleagues? Where will it go when the crisis is over? And what if that crisis does not pass in the coming years? A sketch of the future: the trends in content strategy for the rest of 2020 – and beyond.

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Will there be a second corona wave? A third wave? Maybe it will be a series of waves that will rule our lives in the coming years? No one can predict it exactly. That is not my ambition with this article: I do not have a crystal ball. And distrust those who claim to know more than you. I do see a few trends in content marketing that have accelerated as a result of the corona crisis and will not disappear. 1. ‘Purpose’ is now mainstream 2. Adventures in the micro-world 3. The new normal is hybrid 4. The perfect is boring, embrace your imperfection 5. In your community, we are all equal.


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Purpose’ is now mainstream The trend from experience to purpose in content strategy has been going on for some time, but has received a huge push thanks to corona. The idea that your audience mainly wants to see or experience fun experiences, and that they engage in endless conversations about it, is only partly true. Of course, large groups will certainly continue to do this, just look at TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. But the wind is a bit out of the sails there, it seems. Content that exudes purpose has the wind at its back. By purpose, I mean content that has meaning and helps people move forward. We are more serious than we think. The Netherlands has four million informal carers, according to Kim Putters of the SCP.

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