As ordinary people, how should we lay out the metaverse track?

After that, there were movies such as “Ready Player One” and “The Matrix”, in which humans can use digital avatars to shop in the virtual world, not only virtual items, but also real items; the death of the real world body may no longer As ordinary people be It is the end of life, in the virtual world, your mind (soul) may be immortal.

As Professor Chen Gang and Dr. Dong Haoyu of Peking University thought, “The Metaverse is a virtual world that is link and created by scientific and technological means, a virtual world that maps and interacts with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system.”

Why did I choose to enter the metaverse industry?

Now there are people on the market who praise the Metaverse, and there are those who sing the Metaverse. I will not comment on the quality Afghanistan Phone Number of the Metaverse yet, but Liu Cixin, who is widely rumored on the Internet, angrily criticizes the topic that the Metaverse will lead mankind to extinction.

“The sea of ​​stars you promised, but you only gave me Facebook.” Liu Cixin said this when he received the Clark Social Imagination Contribution Award in 2018, but in fact, so far, Liu Cixin has not published anything about Yuan The universe’s remarks, let alone angry criticism.

Popular directions of the Metaverse

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At present, the popular tracks of the Metaverse that I have learned about are the infrastructure of the virtual world, including 3D and graphics engines, and AI-driven content generation; the other is the interaction method of the virtual world, such as digital humans, and the native virtual world. experience, etc.

How to move the activities in offline life into the virtual world, and what should the native experience of the virtual world look like? This is a question well worth exploring. To experience life in the virtual world, it is inseparable from the support of virtual humans, VR, AR, etc.

In the metaverse, people carry out all activities through digital avatars, and when it comes to digital avatars, virtual people are very inseparable.

In the “Metaverse Conference” held by Entertainment Capital (K2VC), Ma Sijie mentioned in his speech that the UGC of the virtual world is divide into two parts, one is the UGC of the virtual human, and the other is the UGC of the virtual environment. Now most of them are doing the UGC engine of the virtual environment, but there are not many companies that actually do virtual people.

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