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To help you digitize your business, having all the necessary tools and knowledge to minimize the risk of undertaking. For this reason, we have created School of Digital, a set of free training courses in digital marketing that will help you start a business while minimizing the risk of doing so. For this initiative, we have had the help of the startup accelerator SeedRocket. In this webinar we have had the participation of: Pepe Martín, co-founder of Minimalism and content creator. Manu García del Moral, creator of the digital magazine Secretos de Madrid.

You Can See the Deferred

Training in the following video: Next, we are going to see the main points that were developed throughout the training. What is necessary to install WordPress? This is, perhaps, one of the most frequent doubts for those who start in the online world. To create your own Guatemala Phone Numbers WordPress website you will need: Register a domain . Hire a hosting plan to host a web page. In addition, at GoDaddy we give you the possibility of contracting a managed WordPress hosting plan so that it is much easier for you to have your project online. A template to create your own website, so that your website has a nice design and is attractive to users.

WordPress Has a Multitude

of free templates at your disposal, although there is also the possibility of buying them on marketplaces such as Envato. What possibilities does WordPress give? WordPress offers users a multitude of possibilities to obtain results from the online world. With WordPress you can create: A blog. A corporate website. Portfolio. An online store with WooCommerce . Membershipsite. Crowdfunding platforms. As you can see, there are many options and perfect templates for different types of online projects. Pepe Martín recommends choosing a template that meets all the needs of your project at an early stage to validate the idea. And so, later, to be able to evolve the platform once the business evolves.

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