Baling Well Is Then Completely Normal

You peek on LinkedIn and there you see someone who always has 70 likes anyway and you are already happy with 8 and that evokes a whole range of complicated feelings. Jealousy and that you are ashamed of it again. But you want to go on anyway, you Germany Phone Number just believe in your plan. Or: you know that your plan is correct, it is very strong, so And then, of course, you look for inspiration. To keep up the courage. To get rid of the damned Germany Phone Number insecurity. So as not to get bogged down in endless scrolling through Instagram and cleaning the shower! And if you’re not careful, you’ll end up in the quicksand of inspirational quotes. Inspirational quotes, yes. You can’t get me any worse.

Is Then Completely Normal

What utter madness. What stupidity. In this blog I explain which ones you can ignore from now on and how you – in my always humble opinion – might deal with disappointment and setbacks. With a few cool inspirational quotes of course. Good. The Germany Phone Number first. The sickest of all. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” What?! hello ding dong? Are you still there. If you can dream it, you can achieve it? Since when? If that were the case, I would Germany Phone Number have had a lot more physical contact and romantic love in my life over the past few months. Croissants, rose petals, eating Thai curry together, chatting and laughing endlessly: that’s it. If that were the case then I would earn 15 thousand euros per month anyway, well, why not 80 thousand.


Expectations Are Not Too High

I had a nice building of 176 square meters on the Prinsengracht, with a fat luxurious bathroom, with a freestanding oval bath and with lots of gold and wood and dark blue towels. If so, I’d have a nice car. I’m not very good with cars, but I like that Beetle. Give me two. And I also had a Van Moof bike. Expensive olive oil. A bottle of 45 euros! A cottage on Germany Phone Number the coast near Bergen, with a SMEG refrigerator. Extra large sprinkles! That too! A Bora Cooking System! Also read: Never again good: why you are more successful as a personal brand with a raw edge What makes me so mad about this quote? The Positive Thinking Gestapo Because it’s from the deceptive positive-thinking Gestapo.

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