Because the seventh revision of the constitution has created

On May 20, 2020, the DPP was in full power for the second term. At the inauguration ceremony, Tsai Ing-wen announced the start of the constitutional Kazakhstan Phone Number amendment project and began to organize constitutional amendment committees. Eight-year-old citizenship” and “abolished examiners”, Ke Jianming said that if there is a consensus, the 2022 general election can be tied to a combined referendum.

Because the seventh revision of the constitution has created a super-high constitutional revision wall: the revision of the constitution requires 29 members of the legislature to propose a proposal, more than 85 people attended and all supported and passed, and then proceeded to the referendum for a referendum, with the number of valid elections in Taiwan in 2020 19.31 million , at least 9.65 million people will pass the constitutional amendment bill, what is this number? This is Tsai Ing-wen’s 8.17 million votes plus 1.5 million votes.

Using ultra-high thresholds to pass ultra-low changes, amend the constitution and amend bitterness?

Now we know that after the seventh amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of China, the threshold . It will not pass at all, so what do you need to do with the highest threshold? The main axis of the DPP is: eighteen-year-old citizenship, the abolition of the Examination Yuan, and the Supervisory Yuan.

Using the highest threshold to seek social consensus, and wanting to achieve the lowest change, isn’t it hard work?

The author believes that the threshold for amendment of the constitution is high. If you want it to pass, it is not just the simple idea of ​​”there must be a consensus in the society”. Many controversial issues should be put into discussion, especially the issue of sovereignty. If the DPP The author has nothing to say if he only asked for “revision of the constitution,” Republic of China”?

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The DPP is sorry for Taiwan’s future resolution, and it simply scrapped it

A few days ago, the Taiwan Constitution-making Foundation launched a referendum on the new constitution. The author is not optimistic about the subject of the referendum and its mobilization. However, the rulings made by the National Election Commission and the court are very interesting. They believe that the revision of the constitution requires a referendum, so the revision of the constitution is very interesting. Equivalent to having the function of making a constitution. The original judgment stated:

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