Before You Start Experimenting With This Technique These

Correspondingly.  can place up to 3 Iran WhatsApp Number List adsense ad units on a web page google loves fast websites google loves content so write regularly on your blog do not spam. Do not copy paste other blog posts try to increase your website traffic without visitors, you can’t increase your revenue1st week before you start editing anything, you should take note of a few things like how many adsense ad units you are currently using. Where on your site you placed the ads and what colors you use for your adsense ads. Now that you are ready with your past setting, now is the time to make changes. As you know google adsense allows you to put up to 3 adsense ad units on one page and the large ad units like attract visitors, and these sizes of ad units generate the most clicks. As you know what ad unit size you are using in the first week, you.

You Should Try to Match Ad Colors With Your Website’

Correspondingly. Should place large ad units Iran WhatsApp Number List on your website. The first week, I will suggest that you put 3 ad units on your web page as this will give you an idea of ​​the best location for your ads. Normally I don’t suggest putting 3 ad units on one page because it will reduce your earnings per click. Before rushing to change your ad units, you should look at your website design and note where you can place these ad units. Since large ad units get most clicks, I suggest you use large ad units etc. The bottom of the page won’t get many clicks, so it’s important to choose the right spot.

Don’t Forget to Write Down the Changes You Made

Iran WhatsApp Number List

Correspondingly. Finding the right place for the google adsense ad on your web page can be a bit of a tricky job if Iran WhatsApp Number List you are a blogger, so some of the good places for the ads might be right after the post title. Correspondingly.  and above the content. , Iran WhatsApp Number List the sidebar, and the bottom of the content. The right ad placement varies from site to site. Each website has a different template style and appearance, so you have to determine the location yourself. If you are ready, you can put the new ad code on your website. It will be much better if you can use different colors for your different ad units.Correspondingly. Correspondingly.  Adsense ad placement the default ad color is blue, and many visitors easily recognize that it is an ad and do not click on the ads.

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