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In this article, I share five practical tips to optimize your website and to inform your visitors in the right way and to convert them into donors. Find the balance between activating and informing 2. Involve your visitors in your mission 3. Provide a frictionless donation page 4. Provide clear suggestions for donations 5. Make it clear what the donation will be spent on 1. Find the balance between activating and informing You don’t want to overwhelm the visitor, but at the same time make it clear what the mission is. This gives the visitor a better understanding of what your organization stands for. But internet users have a very short attention span.

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A survey by Donor Perfect shows that you have about 8 seconds to explain to your visitor what your mission is, why they should support it and of course how you can do this. Therefore make sure that your message is clear and clear within the first 8 seconds on the website. You can also perform the 8 second test yourself. Try to explain to a colleague Bulgaria Phone Number stands for and why it is worth supporting. Make sure that that core is on the homepage of your website. Screenshot of how the Red Cross informs you about donating 2. Involve your visitors in your mission Periodic donations are more valuable to charities than one-off donations. But in practice we see that a large number of donors donate once. To encourage periodic donations, it is wise to bind your visitors more to the mission.


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This can be tackled in several ways. Enable visitors to make periodic donations by sending them a gift. This can be a one-time gift, but also an annual or even monthly gift. Consider, for example, a magazine that is sent every six months or annually to regular donors, in which the donors are kept informed of current promotions. You can personalize these periodic gifts, which bind the donors to your cause and increase the chance that they will let the donations continue. Also read The donor journey: this is how online fundraising does work Also involve your one-time donors in your mission by reminding them about the donation later by e-mail. For example by giving an update about the project they have donated to or by highlighting a new project where donations are very welcome.

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