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Do you lie at night staring at the ceiling as the date September 23, 2020, haunts your mind? Chances are you work for a government agency. From that day on, all websites of Dutch government agencies must meet the accessibility requirements. And every Jordan Phone Number website must have an accessibility statement. So work on the shop! How do you handle this? In this step-by-step plan you can read how to get your digital accessibility in order. 1. Become aware of the urgency You make your websites and applications accessible, so that every user can interact with them. From tech-savvy ‘digital natives who want no sound with their video, to the elderly or people with disabilities.

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Accessibility simply means that there are no obstacles in the use, permeability and comprehensibility of a website for anyone. The current urgency of accessibility is a lot banaler: a tough deadline is approaching. Blink twice and it’s September 23, 2020. D-day for government agencies. On this day, every website must have an accessibility statement. And of course, preferably meet the requirements as much as possible. So now is the time to get started with your digital accessibility. Remember that it is not only your website(s) that need to be in order. You also have to measure intranets, extranets and all your digital applications. 2. Increase your knowledge about the accessibility requirements Your website or application must be robust, observable, operable and understandable.


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The guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) indicate exactly what you must comply with . An entire book about all requirements and specifications. But unfortunately not formulated in such an accessible way. Missed opportunity! Expand your knowledge by reading articles about web accessibility , or attend a webinar, for example. 3. Conduct an accessibility study Now that you know which guidelines you have to meet, ‘the real thing’ comes into play. You must check whether you meet all points. An accessibility survey is an intensive and time-consuming task. That is why it is important to work consistently and systematically.

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