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Good morning all! The marketcall.Net  Belize WhatsApp Number List team presents a new case study on how to work with pay-per-call health insurance offers. First, let’s start with a description of the offer we work with. We work with pay-per-call offers. This case study dedicated to the health insurance vertical. Here are the characteristics of the offer we worked with:payment for qualified call: $30 minimum duration of a qualified call: 90 sec geo: united states, 47 states working days: monday to friday definition of qualified call: someone interested in purchasing a health insurance plan and willing to pay $200 per month or more. Make health insurance campaigns more profitable contents landing page leads to call conversion google ads facebook ads.

The Conversion Rate Increased by

Sign up now and get $100 bonus for Belize WhatsApp Number List your first withdrawal! Landing page an important part of any pay-per-call campaign is the landing page (unless you’re using google call-only ads). Most call buyers don’t provide any advertising material, so you need to create your own landing page to use for the ad campaign. The quality of the lp will directly affect the conversion rate of your traffic into calls. Here is the landing page we developed for this offer: desktop version: health pay per call campaign mobile version: pay per call health campaign mobile landing here are some important tips for creating landing pages:try to convince the customer that he needs health insurance: do not compare with competitors; do not.

Leads to Call Conversion as You Might Notice

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Promise very low prices. Belize WhatsApp Number List You need to explain that having an insurance plan. Is cheaper than paying for all health care expenses .With your own. Don’t use website and lp builders: website and landing page builder services use unnecessary scripts and html code that increase file size. We used the text editor to code the html+css code for ourBelize WhatsApp Number List  landing page. Check your page in google pagespeed ​​and google testmysite: get tips from google on your page to make the page load faster on mobile and desktop. Install the ssl certificate on your website, so that it loads correctly on all devices and browsers. Fixed block with the.

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