The nationality of your choice is your own responsibility? In fact, “parents choose, children bear

Chen Shizhong of Taiwan’s Ministry of Health. And Welfare recently slapped Chen Mingtong. Of the MAC in the face, saying that he would withdraw. All the statements made by the MAC the day before yesterday. Then there was applause on the Internet and Facebook. I personally find all this really ridiculous. Let’s be honest and face an objective fact. Today’s matter is not an issue of epidemic prevention, but a political issue. I said that it is not an issue of epidemic prevention, because the number of people involved in the Mainland Affairs Council’s plan is actually very small.

How many people are there like this

“Xiao Ming”? Some media say there are 1,900 people. But this is Base. Of course, it is impossible for 1,900 people to fly over in one day. And the Panama Phone Number Immigration Department can still control how many people are allowed to enter. In November last year, Taiwan had more than 90,000 Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan in a month (the highest number was more than 300,000 in the era of the Malaysian government). Based on this, (this is the latest data I can find), that was more than a week ago. After the Mainland Affairs Council announced a complete ban on entry of mainlanders, the population movement of nearly 100,000 people has basically been reduced in a month, and Taiwan’s regulations are stricter than those of Malaysia and Singapore.

Malaysia is still only banned from China’s closed provinces

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, Singapore has a residence permit and work permit can enter, Taiwan is not allowed. The nationality of your choice is borne by yourself, in fact, “parents choose, children bear” This is actually a very small minority, which does not affect the overall situation of epidemic prevention at all, and these are children of families who usually live in Taiwan (because it is stipulated that at least 183 days a year), they are part of Taiwanese society and pay taxes to Family members of the Taiwan government, and people who are likely to become ROC nationals in the future.

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