Choose Video As Mentioned Due Pandemic

Turn landscape video into vertical video The most convenient is of course to film vertically. But do you already have existing, landscape images? Then you can also crop them with, for example, the InShot app. The Quik app also has the option to Ivory Coast Phone Number crop your videos. You can adjust the size of the canvas in the last menu ‘settings.’ Split-screen and record reaction duets Split the screen, in two or three. You can do this, for example, with the InShot app. In TikTok, you can even do it automatically: by creating reaction or duet videos. From an existing video, go to share, then choose duet or comment. Your video will then automatically appear next to or in the existing video. Useful! Add graphics Add texts, emojis, and filters in handy apps like InShot, StoryArt, and Mojo.

As Mentioned Due Pandemic

The ‘spicing up’ of the video doesn’t seem very necessary, but it is the text, color bars and other graphics that can keep the viewer interested. Create photo slideshows You can make a slideshow very easily in TikTok: upload several photos one after the other, and TikTok automatically turns them into a slideshow. You can of course add music, effects and text yourself. You can also make a slideshow very useful with the free app Quik. Simply add photos and videos, and the app will throw a nice video out of it! Don’t forget to set your canvas to vertical in the last menu. Want even more best practices for vertical videos? Or, for example, know how to do certain film edit tricks? Let me know and I’ll make another video with practical.


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This is the case when an influencer’s audience consists partly of bots. Also called fake followers. The influencer bought these fake followers to feign popularity. The focus on this is increasing as budgets increase. Companies are enthusiastic and reluctant at the same time, because they don’t want to waste their money. Imagine that you choose to collaborate with an influencer who has a hundred thousand followers. You pay him or her $1,000 per post, but 40 percent of the followers are fake. Then you lose €400 per message, because at most sixty thousand followers will see the message, instead of the hundred thousand you pay for. Also read: 7 key trends in social advertising.

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