Concerto Tchaikovsky Also Grandiose

Most people associate yellow with warmth and cheerfulness. Not surprising when you consider that yellow is the color of the sun. Yellow stands for optimism and (self) confidence. Did you know that reds and warm yellows increase your appetite? No Iran Phone Number wonder many fast-food chains opt for yellow in combination with red in their appearance and design. Fast food marketers use what is called the Ketchup Mustard Theory. Yellow (mustard) is believed Iran Phone Number to evoke associations with haste and speed, while (ketchup) red stimulates the appetite. This really works for me too, if I once shove a hamburger into McDonald’s, I always eat too fast. After half an hour I am always hungry again and regret.

Tchaikovsky Also Grandiose

Color, therefore, has a direct psychological effect on your brain. Red increases the heart rate and evokes emotion. Yellow is the color that you can see from afar and that makes you happy. Perhaps that’s why those big arches that tempt you to Iran Phone Number leave the highway for a quick bite are yellow? Color does something to your brain Another good example is mentioned by Stef Verbeeck in his recently published book Brand Hacking (affiliate). Aquafresh Iran Phone Number always used 3 colors for the packaging of their toothpaste. White for clean teeth. Blue as a symbol for fresh breath and red for healthy gums. When the brand wanted to refresh their style to an all-white look, it turned out that a whopping 74% of users thought the original toothpaste in the tricolor packaging was better for brushing.


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Even though the toothpaste was exactly the same. Aquafresh Color ensures recognisability Sterke merken zorgen ervoor dat ze hun Iran Phone Number huisstijlkleuren langdurig en consequent gebruiken. Doe zelf maar eens onderstaande proef. De meeste – zo niet alle – logo’s herken je in een fractie van een seconde. Verbazingwekkend hoe kleuren zorgen voor herkenbaarheid. logo color psychology brands Je kleur registreren Iran Phone Number Telecomaanbieder T-Mobile (de derde afbeelding hierboven, had je vast al wel geraden) is zelfs zo overtuigd van de kracht van kleur, dat ze hun huisstijlkleur hebben geregistreerd. Volgens de Duitse telecomaanbieder denkt de consument bij het zien van het magenta-roze direct aan hun diensten.

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