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There they are not trained to tell meaningful and brand-distinctive stories for a sharply defined audience, let alone to be able to judge them properly. They know campaigns for the masses, and nice sending via your socials, but that has nothing to do with content marketing. That does not require campaigns, but a culture.” “If there is no love for storytelling Uganda Phone Number within an organization, if a CMO or CEO does not want to commit to content marketing, then it will get stuck at a loose end.” Internal communication is going to take off Like Vandroemme and Postma, Hospes notes that corona means that companies really have to look for who they are. “Suddenly we no longer all work in the office, so internal communication.

A Razor-sharp Focus And Citing

As a company you want to bind your people to you. What are we doing it for? Do we still share and feel the same? You need a good brand story for that. Otherwise, you will lose your employees.” “Companies have noticed during the lockdown that what they say often does not match who they are and what they stand for. Winning outside is starting inside.” Digital clubhouse for fans Marketing budgets are really going to take a hit in January. “That is why as a company you have to deploy your employees and your own fans. They will act as an extension of your marketing department. Companies also see that the power of socials has been developed.


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They want to communicate directly with their fans again – without the intervention of big tech companies. That is why they are starting their own platform. A digital clubhouse for their fans. A private channel for consistently publishing stories with an editorial formula and brand-distinctive face. It’s the way to build a loyal and trustworthy audience.” So according to the experts, there is still a lot of work to be done, but all three are already seeing a slight shift in the right direction, unfortunately, thanks to corona. Companies are increasingly working on their brand story and are now discovering that what they are communicating often doesn’t match.

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