Convenience supermarkets solve the problem of dried plums with one finger

I believe that many people have such troubles! I was busy working overtime every day. And when I got home. I was exhausted physically and mentally. I saw a Senegal Phone Number mountain of dirty clothes in the laundry basket. But I was not in the mood to sort it out. The hot weather also began to make the clothes smell sour… What should I do? ! ?

Washing, drying, and ironing clothes is very simple

But it is a time-consuming housework for busy office workers. If you want to save time. You can take it to the laundry for washing. But the laundry after get off work has already  rest and close. In fact, there is now a more convenient and simple solution, which can easily solve the problem of laundry. And make the prunes in the laundry basket make a big transformation!

Have you ever heard that convenience stores

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Can also help with laundry? 24-hour flexible delivery. Changing the traditional washing habits. Allowing consumers to enjoy high-quality laundry services. patented foldable packaging, easy to pick up and carry, easy to store. Check the laundry status at any time. And the clothes will be refreshed immediately. Saving a lot of trouble for office workers. And now there is a good deal. Enter the coupon code 55688 to enjoy 12% off. And there is a full gift, and this convenient and healthy washing service. The operation steps are super simple!

1. Go to the convenience store machine to enter the delivery information and print the service order

Photo credit: taiwan team
2. Entering the promo code 55688 from now on can also enjoy a 12% discount, and the family mart convenience store will send a medium cup of american style. After filling in the information and printing the service form, you can go to the counter and ask the clerk for a cleaning bag.

Photo credit: taiwan team
3. After putting the laundry in the bag, hand it to the store clerk together with the service order. Remember to ask for the “Customer receipt”. If there is any problem with the contents of the laundry, the customer service will take the initiative to contact, and a text message will be sent to remind you when it is shipped. “Acceptance co., ltd.” to the store to pick up the package.

In the past, convenience stores can not only pay fees and buy things, but now there are more services for laundry delivery. Consumers can enjoy such affordable and high-quality services at any time, which makes the trivial matter of laundry easy, and no longer has to worry about the piles of dried plums. How to deal with it, leave it all to the convenience supermarket laundry service!

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