Create a sticky site best performing ad color from week

One. Replace the worst performing ad unitBelarus WhatsApp Number List  with a much smaller ad unit, such as 468×60, 250×250, etc. The third ad unit is now smaller than the first week’s ad unit. This will display fewer ads compared to large ad units. 3rd week at the beginning of the 3rd week you have new data again. Note the worst performing ad unit. This week, remove the worst performing ad unit from your web page. You are now left with 2 ad units that can display high paying ads. Fewer ad units can generate high revenue per click, but fewer ad units can generate fewer clicks, which can lead to lower revenue.

Will Improve by Following These Steps

In these four steps you will find Belarus WhatsApp Number List out what works best for your website, less ad units or many ad units and which ad color gives the best result. 4th week now again you have new data for the third week. Check out the poorly performing ad from week 3 and remove that ad unit from your webpage. You are left with only one ad unit. I will suggest placing this ad unit above the fold (the ad should be displayed when the website is open without scrolling down the page). A single ad unit can display high paying or high click through ads which can increase your revenue. A single ad unit can reduce the revenue of some.

Hopefully Your Earnings

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Websites because they will get a few clicks. Multiple ad units can generate more clicks and increase Belarus WhatsApp Number List revenue for certain websites. This may be the last week for your research on increasing your adsense earnings. At the end of the 4th week, you need to compare all four weeks’ earnings and find which week the earnings were the highest. If one week’s earnings are much higher than the other three weeks, that week’s adsense ad settings are best for your website or blog, and you can change your adsense ad settings to match. The best to the settings. This step has saved me a lot, and on some of my blogs I use a single ad unit.

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