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The information about treatment is available in a folder, there is a page on the website, a description in the app and then there are the letters with attachments. One description is current, the other secretly not so anymore. With all the Latvia Phone Number associated consequences: ambiguity about ownership internally, inconsistent information among the patient. The patient is poorly informed and confusion or even confusion arises. The solution: one central, digital source that, as a single source of truth, forms the basis for all your expressions and channels. Online and offline. Also read: How user experience can improve healthcare Why digitization is important I list the main reasons for doing.

App Not Everyone Who

Accessibility 2. Efficiency 3. Timing of Education 4. Right to clear information 1. Accessibility There are many healthcare organizations that offer information about treatments and services on the site, but via a downloadable PDF. Job done: the latest Latvia Phone Number version of the folder is online. A PDF document is not made for digital reading: a PDF is intended for printing. You can also optimize the content in a PDF less well for Google. And internal search functions often have trouble indexing the content as well. The visually impaired and blind, which prevents reading tools and auditory navigation from working properly.


Not Everyone Who

And then we haven’t even mentioned the limited user experience of PDFs and the limited measurability of use. This content should therefore be on indexable web pages. 2. Efficiency Patients obtain their information from various sources: verbally during the Latvia Phone Number conversation with the professional, in writing and digitally. Without a central source system, these sources are. Not well aligned and can contain different truths. The content ‘lives’ in different resources and channels. As a result, it takes a lot of effort to keep this in sync . This results in additional questions and burden for other channels.

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