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Content that requires little work Lebanon WhatsApp Number List on their part. However, working as a ghostwriter requires more skill than traditional writing because you don’t have an editor to check your work. Ghostwriters need to make sure the message is perfect before submitting it to their clients. Ghostwriting is an ethical way to earn money by writing. Also, you don’t need any specific training or certification to become a ghostwriter. To become a ghostwriter, you must create your online writing portfolio. It helps to find customers. So, ghostwriting is a lucrative way to earn extra cash in your freelance writing career. Ghostwriters earn.

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Between $50 and $60 per hour. Thus, it turns out to be 25-50 cents per word. Make money Lebanon WhatsApp Number List with ghostwriting 6. Earn money by writing short stories there is another great way to make money by writing. Well, you can write short stories for money. So, if you have a passion for writing, you can earn money by writing short stories. Penpee.Com happens to be a great platform for writers and storytellers to earn money. It is a platform that creates a great opportunity for writers and storytellers. Penpee.Com is suitable for professionals, amateurs and even aspiring writers who want the opportunity to publish their work.

Reward Writers A Premium Writer Can Earn

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Penpee.Com is described as aLebanon WhatsApp Number List  platform to read, write and get Lebanon WhatsApp Number List paid for short stories. Simply put, penpee.Com is a platform that allows writers to write short stories for money. At penpee, writers are rewarded when a new person reads a chapter of their story. The reward is known as credits. Each new member receives a welcome credit which is then charged as they read your story. It is shared between the platform and the scriptwriters. Credits given to writers are converted to cash and deposited into their bank accounts via paypal. Penpee.Com also has a social element. You can invite your friends to read your stories. You can see who has all viewed your profile and all sorts of other things as well. Penpee.Com has.

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