Cybersquatting: Understand What This Digital Authenticity Risk is and How to Minimize It

Cybersquatting consists of a malicious action in which an individual or organization. Registers a domain associated with a brand name in order to obtain financial advantages over it.

It is not a secret that nowadays the digital presence of a brand is fundamental. In fact, having a website is just as important as having a physical store; in some cases, even more.

Well, for many companies, this is the main channel of communication with their customers.

So, the name of a domain becomes a seal that acquires the brand. Since it determines its space on the web and is distinctive.

However, this association between the domain and the brand is sometimes. In danger due to the cybersquatting technique, a practice for fraudulent purposes.

What is Cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting consists of registering a domain name that is very similar to an existing one .

Especially the one with registered trademarks. This in order to take advantage of the association for illicit purposes. In many cases, it is a kind of fraud to the potential of the brand and its relationship with customers.

According to the world intellectual property organization (wipo), cybersquatting applies when :

A domain name very similar to CEO Email Lists a brand name has been registered.
When the person responsible for such registration. Has no rights or legitimate interests over the brand.
When the registered domain corresponds to fraudulent purposes.

What is the purpose of cybersquatting?

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Currently, the purposes of this practice have changed. Although basically it consists of a scam.

This is because a very similar domain name can attract significant visitor traffic. All thanks to the association with the real brand.

Once it receives the traffic on its host , the second domain can carry out fraud.

For example, creating pages similar to those of the legitimate brand. In order to confuse customers and generate a profit from it.

In other cases, this second domain can be passed off as an extension. To the original web page. Also with the purpose of generating some profit illegally.

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