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It is striking that almost everyone looks directly at the icons and hardly at the menu bar. It is also indicated that the icons in combination with text are experienced as clear. heat map Clicking on the waste icon you will find the costs for emptying a Chile Phone Number waste container. The menu below on the left shows many options about waste, but no costs. The search function does not offer a solution either. The heatmap of the eye track recordings below also shows that the eyes dart back and forth across the screen because the costs are untraceable. Various test Chile Phone Number persons indicate that they are giving up and normally call the municipality. This also costs a municipal employee time and therefore money. Ultimately, the answer turns out to be under ‘taxes waste levy’. Not a logical place for visitors.

Newsletters And Automatic

Another important point is that the majority of the test persons have no idea that waste levy means the same as waste costs. results user tests Chile Phone Number Make an evening appointment The second assignment is to make an evening appointment to renew a passport. From the icons on the homepage, it is easy to find where you can do this. Only when choosing a date it is not clear whether and when you can go in the evening. If you choose a day other Chile Phone Number than Thursday, you will be notified that there are no times available. This again gives rise to the necessary doubts. Reactions like ‘Am I not looking right?’ and ‘Is it possible in the evening?’ pass by. user tests In the end it turns out that you can only make an appointment on Thursday evening, but you will only find out if you click on Thursday.


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Since this is quite a pleasant option for full-time working people, it is useful if this is clearly communicated. The gaze plots from the eye track footage above confirm that the eyes dart back and forth across the screen. The number of dots per color Chile Phone Number indicates where a test person looks anywhere on the screen and the size of the dot indicates how long someone looks at one dot. People here also indicate that they normally call. On average, these two tasks take more than ten minutes. That is quite long for the impatient visitor. Bearing in mind that these tasks are actually only necessary without a real reward waiting, means that the irritation will probably increase quickly. Finally, almost all test persons indicated that the municipal website contains a great deal of information. Much of this information is only of interest to a very small percentage of visitors.

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