Different Entrance Doors for Potential Clients

Digital Marketing is a very efficient customer acquisition channel, but what many do not know is that there are subdivisions of channels with specific characteristics.

Their main differences are related to the investment required and the type of approach used to reach the target audience.

Each one acts in its own way within the same Digital Marketing plan, providing a range of options for companies to attract customers and maximize their return.

The channels are divided into:

  • social networks ;
  • email ;
  • organic search (strategies to be found in search engines such as Google through a website, blog or Google my Business, for example);
  • referral (when the content is reproduced by various other sites through alliances such as co-marketing, guest posts and link building, for example);
  • direct traffic (when people enter the website directly without intermediaries);
  • means of payment (ads on social networks, sponsored links, display networks, etc.).

Lower costs than traditional campaigns

Compared to traditional marketing , Digital Marketing has lower costs, that is because its actions are focused on segmented audiences to reach the target audience of the business.

Accuracy allows you to impact users interested in your products and, in this way, generate more results.

If you don’t already have a digital strategy in place, this is one of the main reasons for you to start right now.

Its main advantage is the possibility of carrying out a campaign with. A minimum value and adjusting the investment according to. The Chief VP Compliance Email Lists economic context facing your business : you can invest an amount x this month. And an amount y the following month, according to your possibilities.

Digital marketing channels are quite diverse and accessible, which allows. Any type of company to carry out a digital action, even. With limited resources.

Opportunities to create a relationship with the audience

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Being listened to and having someone who really cares about our needs are. Some of the factors that characterize the relationship.

When we look at the current scenario, empathy and humanization are also. Extremely important in all interactions, including between companies and consumers.

Being on the internet and communicating with the public is essential. To create a continuous and progressive relationship, especially. At a time like the one we live in, where most people are more connected than ever.

Digital marketing allows you to create a connection through interactivity.

Brands that explore the different channels to communicate. Share information and open space for dialogue, create a positive. Experience for the public and ensure that they have your solution. In mind when they face a problem or challenge that the company can solve.

Thus, maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with the client establishes a close and lasting relationship.

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