Distract People From Their Worries

The ready-made and shiny campers are there for the boomers who retire and have surplus value on their house, the vast majority tinker something together themselves and proudly take it out into the world. motorhome Anyone whose Peru Phone Number succeeds in incorporating the dynamics of such a Facebook group in their own content marketing for their organization will tap into gold. How do you do that? See below. 5. In your community, we are all equal The most important ingredient in your community strategy is the equality of all participants, including yourself. Don’t put yourself above the group, or as the one who decides what happens and what doesn’t.

People From Their Worries

Since the start of the crisis, the dynamics in existing digital communities have increased enormously, according to the American agency Hearken, which specializes in this. That content is less and less about facts, knowledge, or opinions, it is mainly about questions. People no longer want ‘storytelling’, they want solutions. Stop with that enthusiastic “happy goat” tone that most content marketing agencies still have in their DNA. Think more about the things that help the other person. Treat those people as if they were friends. Your community as a partner In my previous trend article I indicated that the organization is looking for the trust of the user, who would like to see the company as a friend and partner.


From Their Worries

That has to be taken one step further at this time. Hearken’s advice is simple: don’t think of your community’s members as readers, customers, or “audiences,” think of them as partners. Collect the questions in your community, and then look for solutions together. Do that transparently , be open about the things you can or cannot solve. Refer people to other communities if that is better for them. And don’t just talk to everyone on your communities. Dare to guard the quality, and avoid the askholes: those who keep nagging, who always want attention and have no time for the other.

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