Dns Server: What It is, How It Works and How to Configure It in a Domain

Dns is a system that contains a list of domain names. Above all, That allows users to find a particular page. It is essential for the operation of the internet. Above all, Optimizing the performance of a website and improving its security.

The DNS system is crucial for the communication of websites on the Internet. Any strategy that implies expansion in the digital environment must consider this concept, its configuration and its implications.

It is necessary to understand, for example, the relationship between DNS, security and the performance of a website in order to improve the results.

DNS is used by all surfers on a daily basis and it works so fast that it can go unnoticed. After that, So how exactly does DNS structure the world wide web? That is what we are going to talk about in this content.

Throughout this post, you will better understand how the great network works and you will be able to better configure your site . Continue reading!

What is DNS?

DNS is the acronym in English for Domain Name System , which in Spanish means Domain Name System. As the name implies, it is a registry that contains website names and associated IP addresses.

This correlation favors the transfer of data between computers and allows access to the Internet.

A more simplified understanding of DNS requires only a glance at a browser’s address bar. The domain is the name of the VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists website and the nameserver stores an array of them.

In short: DNS is nothing more than an abstraction at the user level, which allows you to find web pages. Each name is unique to each site.

What is DNS used for on a website?

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Websites are stored on special machines, called servers, through hosting services.

As we already know, each server must have a unique address that allows people to find that site and access its data. Web addresses contain a combination of IPs and an associated domain.

To better understand this concept, we will delve into the Internet communication protocol. After that, This protocol works according to the IP standard, which differs from many others by the use of directed packets.

That is, each element on a website is sent in a package and interpreted by the computer that sees that information. Images, texts and videos are divided into packages and sent gradually.

However, each machine on the network only communicates with another when it knows its IP. If computer X wants to receive packets from Y, it must first initiate an interaction with Y. This is only done if X knows Y’s IP number. The interaction starts with a kind of lookup for Y’s number.

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