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What seems? When a Flemish company says to an applicant: ‘You have not been retained’, it means that he did not get the job! I agree with Eric: This sounds completely counterintuitive. Now I have to say that the Dutch never use the word ‘withheld’, but if we were to use it, ‘not withheld’ would mean that you did get the job. I can imagine a dialogue between a Denmark Phone Number Dutch person who has had a job interview at a Flemish company. Dutchman: ‘You can tell me honestly: have I been hired?’ Flemish company: ‘Sir, we will tell you straight away: you have not been stopped.’ Dutchman: ‘Fantastic! Thank you very much!’ Flemish company (confused): ‘Uh, you’re welcome?’ Share your experiences Are you a Belgian who has ended up in the country of your northern neighbors.

Will Have Thought

Or are you a Dutchman who lives among the Belgians? Whatever your background, I am very curious about your experiences in the field of Belgian-Dutch language and cultural differences. Share your experiences below. In this way the Frankwatching Denmark Phone Number readers also learn something from it. And who knows… maybe I’ll use your comment as input for a future article about Belgians and Dutch! For example: you eat because you are hungry. This is how behavior is created. But motivation isn’t the only thing that determines behavior. Context has a major influence on behavior.


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You know it: you are at a party with a drink in your hand at a standing table with snacks. There is a good chance that you will eat the Denmark Phone Number snacks without being hungry. The context, in this case the table with snacks, therefore ensures that you eat (show behaviour). But what do these snacks have to do with optimization? A lot! But before Denmark Phone Number I tell you more about that, I want to go back to the basics: why do we optimize? We optimize websites to ensure that visitors reach their goals. We make it easier to buy a bed, book a hotel room or take out a mobile subscription.

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