It Happens To Everyone Sometimes

Then look at the CTR ( click-through rate ), number of impressions, number of clicks and possibly position. You can make these columns visible by Armenia Phone Number clicking on the desired statistics at the top of the chart. Which search terms show this page most often? Which search terms lead to the page most often? And is this also consistent Armenia Phone Number with the search terms content you have intended for the page? Search Console performance report – select statistics. At the top of the graph you can turn statistics on or off. In addition to the chart, you also adjust the columns in the table below.

You Have Made a Video Yourself

If the CTR for the search terms for which you want to be found is disappointing, then it pays to take a good look at whether the content on the page, the meta description and page title are relevant enough to each other and to the desired search Armenia Phone Number term. Check whether the page, and the search result, match the search intent of the user. Is this person looking for a specific product? Does this person want to make a purchase or compare prices? Is this Armenia Phone Number person looking for contact or address details or is it just information (for example for orientation)? You can also check with yourself: the more specific the search, the clearer the intention. Don’t focus on your own page Do not focus on your own page.


To Everyone Sometimes

It pays to see the other results in the top 10. What do these results look like and what intent do these pages serve? It can provide you with new insights and, above all, provide insight into the extent to which your page fits this search. It might be better Armenia Phone Number to focus your page on slightly different search terms. Adjust the page as needed. You cannot avoid aligning the content with the intention. Make the meta description and page title Armenia Phone Number inviting and relevant to the searcher. Also don’t forget to apply structured data to make your search result stand out extra where possible ( rich snippets ). Or, if the subject of the page lends itself to it, answer a question as concretely as possible and place it prominently on the page.

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