How to Disable WordPress Visual Editor on Individual Posts and Pages

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Do you want to disable WordPress Visual Editor on individual posts and pages? Or you might struggle to add specific code in your post and WordPress Post Editor deletes the code every time you save the draft.

What is WordPress Visual Editor or Post Editor?

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to disable visual editor in WordPress. We are going to learn two different ways to disable the default WordPress editor. One uses a WordPress Hide Content Editor plugin and another is plugin free.

A few days ago, a client of mine asked me to solve a unique problem.

The problem was the use of <svg> tags in WordPress Visual Editor. She wanted to use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) on a single page of her website.

As WordPress Post Editor does not allow all HTML tags except a few. Therefore, she couldn’t use the <svg> tag through the HTML editor.

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Have you ever faced such a problem? I do, during my early days of WordPress development.

And many people who want to create a unique page or post, or want to add new features and functionality to their website, might have faced the same problem.

 Before digging into the details. First, let’s understand the functionality (how it works) of the WordPress Visual Editor, then we’ll move on to disabling the visual editor on pages or pages.

Disable WordPress Visual Editor Without Plugin

Either you use the code or the plugin. I found disabling WordPress Visual Editor on individual pages and posts to be quite easy and convenient.

If you want to disable the post editor on one or two pages, I recommend using the code rather than using a plugin. But, if you need more pages, you can use a plugin.

What method do you use to disable WordPress Visual Editor on individual pages and posts, let us know via the comments section below.

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