Fight For The Shelf

Later, with the building of vertical and horizontal links. Between regional centers, trade, manufacturing and marketing companies. Suppliers and consumers, the importance of distributors decreased. As soon as connections were built and communication was simple. Mediation, as a type of business, lost its significance.

goods and money, which not only simple or Colombia Phone Numbers made information logistics more efficient, but and exclude  in many ways, the distributor from the supplier’s information system. In addition, with the advent of the Internet, the search for. Information and the mutual finding of each other by the supplier. Retail operator and consumer has become easier;

Over time, manufacturers realize that the distributor is doing. His own business and anything but promoting his goods and brands. This realization l manufacturers to build their own sales teams. The migration of highly i management from distributors. To the regional offices of suppliers – this has become a general trend observed every where.

But Against The Supplier

The manufacturer, later, took over the work of stimulating the entire distribution channel. Up to the turnover of goods and stimulating the withdrawal of goods from the shelf. Excluding distributors who resist and feel threaten by such activity of suppliers. If we talk about the system of warranty and post-warranty service and customer service, I have not seen in any of the segments that the distribution would willingly, voluntarily and effectively take over, would perform this function from the very beginning.

The reason is clear – this is a separate type of activity and this is beyond the scope of the distributor’s earnings model. Under pressure, taught, finance and provide in every possible way by the manufacturer, such distribution services  everywhere. True, even here this work of distributors  with the appearance of regional offices of the manufacturer and with the emergence of specializy service companies, the meaning of whose business was warranty and post-warranty service and customer service.

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Trading Networks

By and large, from the marketing mix, only “place”, transport and financial logistics and control of distribution in the entrusted territory were worked out well by intermediary distributors. Even the control of goods on the shelves – even this was not always successfully fulfilled by the distribution and it was forced to be taken over by the brand owners and suppliers, hiring trade marketing and merchandising teams, doing promotion and ATL on the territory of the distributor.

For example, the assortment policy of distributors involved the formation of their own assortment matrices, the inclusion in the price list and the offer of retail products and brands, the promotion and distribution of which they did not plan to engage in and even paid for the delivered goods were not regularly expected. Interested in the circulation of goods of one of the brands, the distributor donated goods of other brands and did not reinvest all the funds earned from their sale in the development or in the purchase of new batches of this product, but threw it into the purchase of goods that were beneficial to him, in fact, simply parasitizing on all brands and their goods.

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