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A few days ago, the editor saw the staff of other companies in the elevator. I saw the other company carrying large bags and small bags, holding cardboard boxes in their hands, and saying in their mouths: I’m leaving for good! Huh…wait,

What Does He Mean

Could it be that he sacrificed his Slovenia Phone Number ego to serve others and resigned “for the good of others”? for good Alas.  In fact, this has nothing to do with “good or bad” at all. For good is a phrasal usage, meaning “forever, forever”, equivalent to for ever, permenantly. For example. You might have a conversation with a colleague who is resigning like this: A: Hey Stuart.

Where Are You Going

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I just quit. I’m leaving for good. If you want to describe the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan from the royal family a while ago, you can say this: Prince Harry and Meghan have left the royal life for good. Or if the YouTuber is permanently suspended, you can say something like this: That creator quit YouTube for good. (That creator quit YouTube for good.)

That for good and all means exactly the same thing, for example: arrow_forward_iosunderstand more Powered by GliaStudio We broke up for good and all. There’s no chance for us to make up. for one’s own good Then you must be wondering how to say “for the good of others”!

In fact, adding a few words in the middle, for one’s own good means “for someone’s good”! for example: A: Hey, look. I’m doing this for your own good… B: Knock it off! You’re just gaslighting me. for the good of someone / something And if you want to express “help someone, help improve a situation”, you can use the phrase for the good of someone / something!

Just look at a few examples: Avery took two part-time jobs for the good of her family. (Avery took two part-time jobs for the good of her family.) All the money we collect will be used for the good of the nursing homes and children’s homes in this area. for good or bad Good and bad are opposite words, so for good or bad literally means “for good or bad”, which actually means “no matter what, whether good or bad”! E.g:

Once you have children, you need to raise and educate them for good or bad. People change, for good or bad. good for you This last phrase is also very common in spoken language! When you are very happy for others and want to congratulate others, you can use good for you to express “great!” “great!”

Such as the following situations: A: I passed my exam! Hooray! B: Nice! Good for you, bro! But be careful, good for you can also be used to express sarcasm, so be careful with your tone! For example, when someone is showing off how much money they make: A: I work at Taipei 101, and I earn a hundred thousand per month. B: Oh, then good for you.

I didn’t expect that there are so many practical phrases to use from childhood to big good! You can also try to make your own sentences! This article was published with the authorization of Xi Ping Ping-Online Learning English . 5 useful phrases related to good > published under the title [Join a member of Key Comments Network] Every day,

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