Fri How To Check Instagram Stats For Reels

I describe four popular ways. 1. In-app purchases By in-app purchases I mean the digital products or services that complement the existing app. We can briefly distinguish between three types of in-app purchases: credits. Digital products that the user can only use once. Think, for example, of virtual money, points or another type of credit. This is Morocco Phone Number often used in games. Additional features. Digital products that are paid once and you can continue to use. Think of extra filters in a photo editing app or special weapons in a game. Subscription. The user will receive additional features, content or other benefits on a monthly basis as long as the monthly payment is made.

Check Instagram Stats For Reels

As soon as payment is no longer made, the user falls back to the free app with limited options. Apps subscription The challenge for apps that adopt this strategy is balancing the free and paid features. You want the app to be interesting enough to use without in-app purchases, but the extras have to be so tempting that users can’t resist making the purchase anyway. 2. Freemium Apps By ‘freemium’ is meant ‘free to a certain extent. Well-known variants of the freemium model are: Premium functionalities. The app is basically free to use, but you have to pay for additional features. Strava is a good example: the simple functions are available to everyone, but for analysis and data about your performance you should go for the paid version.


Stats For Reels

Premium content. All functionalities are free to use, but to view the content you have to pay first. A smart tactic is to give away a small part of the content for free so that users can experience what it can be like to be a paying customer. Netflix and Storytel are good examples. No ads. All content is available, but is frequently interrupted by advertisements. Often in combination with additional extra functionalities. This is especially popular with media apps like YouTube and Spotify. Spotify Also with the freemium model, the challenge is to find a good balance between the free and the paid version. It should be clear to users what the added value of the paid app is, but they should not get the feeling that the free version is useless.

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