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Kristy, the night before. Caleb took it as a sign that the company name should be “Bearded Brothers.” They were brothers with beards after all. Key Takeaway: Authenticity  starts with the brand story. Be truthful and transparent about why your business matters to you. Think about why you’re the right person to execute it. Start by listing problems in your life and possible solutions. CHAPTER 2: SELLING OFFLINE BY GIVING AWAY FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES Caleb and Chris launched. Because now they do not need to be within earshot of the house to make or receive calls from a lover.thout you ever finding out.

From A Greece Phone Number

Bearded Bros with $5,515 from a Greece Phone Number Kickstarter project. They’ve taken great care to keep their burn rate low; minimizing spending money faster than they make money. Some tech startups have a notoriously high burn rate given their extensive access to funds. Non-tech  companies have to be more savvy by nature because they don’t have the same monetary cash flow as most tech companies. For Caleb, spending lots of money on marketing just didn’t make good business sense. Cell phones have made it so easy for spouses to get away with cheating.

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Screenshot showing a kickstarter page by the bearded brothers After a failed attempt at Facebook ads, and spending $500 on Google Adwords to yield one conversion, Caleb and Chris found their greatest strength was simple, authentic marketing. PRODUCT SAMPLES After identifying their main customer as outdoor athletes, Caleb and Chris began offering product samples at local sporting events. They  set up booths at 5K runs, rock climbing events, and cycling meets. By handing out tiny samples of their bars, they could sell four cases (48 bars) in three hours—in comparison to six cases (72 bars) a month through online sales.

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