The Profile Picture To The Knowledge

But are those two words really the opposite of each other in practice? I don’t believe there is such a thing, at least not in communication coming Estonia Phone Number from one person. You show something of yourself in everything, from the profile picture to the knowledge you share. On social media, for example, it is already very common to let the Estonia Phone Number business flow into the personal. For example, you see many accounts of entrepreneurs who post posts about their business as well as nice snapshots from their private lives. What strikes me is that different people also dare to be vulnerable. They share their struggles, doubts and fails with the world. With one I find such outpourings brave and inspiring, with the other attention-seeking and irritating.

Picture To The Knowledge

Veldman writes in de Volkskrant Estonia Phone Number about how vloggers on YouTube are increasingly letting their tears run free . That even goes a step further than writing about your struggles in a text . In her essay, you also read that one person finds the emotions recognizable and wants to comfort the vlogger, and the other thinks it is terribly Estonia Phone Number exaggerated – crying porn! Also read: You have to be personal, authentic and expert on social media. How? The power of vulnerability When you talk about ‘vulnerability’, you quickly end up with Brené Brown, researcher on shame and vulnerability. You may know her from her TED talks and books. An important lesson in advance: vulnerability does not equal weakness, but courage.


To The Knowledge

You are vulnerable if you do not know Estonia Phone Number the outcome of what you do, and that is the very definition of courage . She further states that vulnerability is ‘the cradle of innovation, creativity and change’. And that ‘the moments when we feel most connected are usually the moments when we open up to another person and feel his Estonia Phone Number her empathy’ (from her book The Power of Vulnerability (aff.)). Vulnerability does not equate to weakness, but to courage. You might recognize it. The feeling of relief, after you share something very personal with someone else, and then your problems melt away like clouds in the sun, because that person just listened and understood you for a moment. Brown sees this as a strong weapon against shame.

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