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Vodafone’s challenge is for customers to Japan Phone Number stop thinking of a telephone. As the main means of contacting us and instead opt for digital channels . Javier Figar, Chief Retail Officer at AWWG, highlighted that in the world of textiles there is a natural barrier. That of touching Japan Phone Number and trying on the product. « Between 80 and 85% of our turnover does not come from online. So we cannot neglect other channels, although the Japan Phone Number greatest growth and commitment of the group comes from online,» he assured. After the round table, Paula Ortiz , Legal and Institutional Relations Director at IAB Spain, explained how the RGPD will affect digital advertising.

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If we apply the regulations, we will see that we have the capacity to innovate and process the data of a ethical way . We are at a time when we must bear in mind that processing data to influence people is Japan Phone Number not the same as using this data for commercial purposes that will add value to the user and thus be able to make better purchasing decisions. Regarding Japan Phone Number the disappearance of cookies from the year 2022, he pointed out that “the future regarding this is uncertain, cookies are going to disappear and there is a race of companies that are carrying out a multitude of alternatives to replace these Japan Phone Number cookies and that all the actors involved in the advertising chain can continue to monetize information and data».

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Data driving marketing The second Japan Phone Number day of “Hyperconnect. Consumers and brands” was also moderated by Félix Muñoz and began with a presentation by José María González. Retail Client Partner at Facebook and Mauricio Troncoso. Digital Marketing Manager at Japan Phone Number MediaMarkt. Who explained how the changes in trend that have occurr in the consumer facing the last quarter of the year. During this talk, they discussed the challenges and opportunities for companies to ensure. Success in periods Japan Phone Number of “mega sales” such as Christmas or Black Friday. According to González, the final stretch of the year will be good. Since there has been a 13-point improvement in the intention to spend .

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