Git What It Is and How It Works

Git is a very popular, powerful, and efficient open-source version control system that tracks content like files and directories. Its main purpose is to manage a project or a set of files as they evolve over time.

What is Git?

Of course, Greece WhatsApp Number List that was the short version of Git. Let’s dig a little deeper and talk about this particular version control system and see how it works and what you can use it for.

There are actually several very popular version control systems. Some of them include CVS, SVN, Mercurial, Fossil, and of course the one we’re focusing on in this article, Git

We talked about it a little above, but let’s develop a little on it. Git is basically designed to manage source code. In most languages, these are lines of text. This VCS doesn’t care what text it handles.

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It can be a personal project or a large scale project, all it wants to do is help you manage and track releases so you can see updates and updates. changes along the way.

Now be aware that Git can certainly handle other types of format files. However, it treats them like BLOBs, which we talked about above.

The problem is that if you have two photos that have different text or source code changes, Git won’t be able to see the difference. This is because photos do not consist of any type of text that can be configured or removed from the commit.

Basic Git commands

If you can learn the system, then it really is for everyone. It’s a fantastic way to version your files and it’s a very powerful tool. It seems like a complicated system, but like anything else, if you learn it, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

To use Git, developers must learn specific commands to copy, create, combine, and modify code. These commands can be run directly from the command line. Again, this is another area of ​​the system that you need to learn. And we actually have a number of Git tutorials that you can use to learn the whole process of using it.

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