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You can’t just do it on your own. You need people, support, time, and money: Assemble a multidisciplinary accessibility team. Make accessibility a priority at all levels of the organization. Schedule time to work on accessibility. Reserve budget for, for Kenya Phone Number example, technical adjustments or to hire expertise. keep improving A website or application is always under development. There is a continuous flow of content and technical Kenya Phone Number developments are not standing still either. It is therefore not the case that you are done with one accessibility check and one statement.

Video And The Number

Check the accessibility of your digital platforms at least once a year. Prepare another statement and make improvements. optimize accessibility An accessible website: a warm welcome for everyone Bet you fall asleep a lot easier tonight? Because September 23 is close, but if you follow the above steps you are all set. And not just for that one Wednesday at the end of September, but for a beautiful, accessible future!Much medical education today is available online – on websites and via apps. Public and through My Environments. More and more care organizations are thus making the switch from the classic folder rack to digital-first.


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A central content source is essential for this. But how do you do that? And what are the biggest challenges? In this article we dive into the digitization of patient information. Last year, a Nivel poll showed that people nowadays search a lot for information about health complaints and conditions (60% of people) and treatments (37% of people). In other words: what do I have? And what should I do about it? Digital search is the most popular. An open door, but still. In 2020 it is therefore difficult to think of a reason why you should not digitize. People on their phone, which represents ‘digitization’. No ‘single source of truth’ Yet there are plenty of care organizations where information still coexist in all kinds of forms and versions.

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