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If you do not see the embedded video Denmark Phone Number correctly. Click here “Millions of retail investors are counting on their cryptocurrency earnings to improve their conditions. Playing with the price of cryptocurrencies destroys lives » , Anonymous points out in the video. Where Denmark Phone Number the group refers to the swings to which the price of bitcoin is a victim. Every time Musk sees fit to criticize the cryptocurrency on Twitter. Musk’s last tweet about bitcoin came to light last Friday. In the message in question, the Denmark Phone Number emoji of a broken heart appeared next to the hashtag Bitcoin.

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Such a succinct tweet was, however, enough to Denmark Phone Number cause the value of the cryptocurrency to plummet by 7% (thereby piercing the pockets of the small investors Anonymous refers to in his video). Anonymous Denmark Phone Number accuses Elon Musk of behaving like a “rich narcissist” According to Anonymous , Musk displays “a clear Denmark Phone Number contempt for working people” and to make matters worse he makes fun of them by posting memes “from one of his millionaire mansions.”

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The activist group also laments that Denmark Phone Number Musk will never really understand. The risks involved in his Twitter posts, since he was “born rich from an emerald mine inheritance from Apartheid South Africa and has no idea what the fight for majority of working people in the Denmark Phone Number world. It is not the first time that Musk’s tweets have resulted in a strong bump in the price of bitcoin. In the middle of last May, the businessman Denmark Phone Number caused the value of the cryptocurrency to collapse by 9% after implying that Tesla was going to divest itself of its investments in bitcoin.

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