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American market with small fuel-efficient cars. Now we see homeowners installing solar panels at an accelerated pace. And there is a great demand for software systems Panama Phone Number that allow you to optimize the energy consumption of buildings and industrial systems. 2. Developing substitutes for scarce products Another way of innovating is to develop alternatives for scarce products. The train as an alternative to the car, vegetable products as an alternative to meat, sweaters against the cold, wind and solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. This is not only good for solving the shortages.

He Hoes Panama Phone Number

But also has a positive effect on the climate. Structural adjustments in the distribution chain Many of the instruments Philip Kotler mentions in his 1974 article are still in use today. Sometimes only wrapped in a modern jacket. This is remarkable after fifty years of economic renewal. Even more Panama Phone Number remarkable is that he does not mention a number of instruments that are current at the moment. For example, he does not discuss optimizing the distribution chain. Companies with optimized supply processes, which have the data exchange in the entire chain – including with their distribution.

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partners – in order or have set up (online) made-to-order processes, are much less vulnerable to scarcity. They can anticipate changes in demand and supply more quickly without this leading to major disruptions. Commodity crisis Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels resource strategy Kotler also ignores the strategic need to guarantee the supply of raw materials, capital goods and labour. Perhaps he doesn’t think geopolitics belong to the realm of strategic marketing. But whoever has access to the right raw materials does have a unique, defensible competitive advantage.

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