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Show color! I’m not going to make silly jokes about “showing oneself” when we talk about the social developments after the murder of George Floyd and the growth of Black Lives Matter campaigns. No organization or company can hide from the consequences, not even here in the Netherlands. Inclusiveness is extremely important in content strategy: after all, you want to reach the people who matter to you. Something like skin color shouldn’t play a role in that. All non-commitment has disappeared from this story. It now comes down to: what do you actually do, concretely.

Offers Them Good Focus

You can make the identity of your company or organization clearly visible through your content strategy – both in text and in images, of course. When I was writing down the set of trends I thought I saw for 2020 late last year, it didn’t even Portugal Phone Number cross my mind. So you see – we all have a few blind spots. White Urban Monoculture Halfway through 2020 it has become unthinkable that with a communication team consisting of a monoculture of white, well-educated and urban-oriented colleagues, you will create content for a group of people that is much more diverse than that. In my training and coaching of teams at organizations and companies, I still see almost 100% people from that white urban monoculture queuing.


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If I were the owner of a content marketing agency or a communication department, I would be awake by now. Every vacancy is an opportunity to fix this piece by piece. The path of ‘natural attrition’ is probably going too slowly. It must be faster and more effective. Even companies that had a good reputation in this area, such as Nike and Apple, are now getting hit. Because they use slavery by Uyghurs for their production , for example. Empathetic content This means for your communication that you have to show where you stand even better – and not only with words, but also with deeds.

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